Silence is a bliss

Silence is a bliss. Or maybe not in this case. Almost 6 months without a blog post is a long time for someone used to blogging, but for me, well, to be honest I didn't even noticed it. And not that my blog is so interesting, rather than it's just a storage for things I read, write or code. So what was happening? Most of the time was spent working on a new version of HFC volunteer network with Johnny Long. We rewrote a lot of things to make the application useful to charities and volunteers, easy to use and cutting out the middle man - HFC. We were also preparing it for the Hackers in Uganda which is currently being filmed in Uganda. This is most interesting part of what I did beside helping out my friend @304geek with some of his hacking tools. Also I have been connected with some cool hackers like Marcus J. Carey (make sure to checkout his project Threat Agent !) and Justin Brown from HFC.

Some of you will be glad to hear that NodeZero Linux site is up and running again. I plan to work on a new version soon, but there is no definitive plan when it's going to start, so hold your pants :)

Please consider donating to HFC by visiting link at the top right corner of the site, and help saving lives.


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