[Tools] MaltegoSploit - Metasploit Transforms For Maltego

Canari framework team presented a very interesting new tool for Maltego called MaltegoSploit. MaltegoSploit is a set of metasploit penetration testing transforms for maltego. Here is what they say about MaltegoSploit:

"Alas, a new dawn has broken and Sploitego is now armed with fangs. That’s right, the penetration testing transform pack you’ve come to know and love now has a set of Exploitation transforms; Metasploit transforms to be precise. Developing the Metasploit transforms was no easy ordeal. It involved a great deal of research (YouTube cat video marathons), reverse engineering, and integration of several different technologies to come up with the final product.

At the end of the day, you, the open source information security community, will get to take advantage of (what I feel is) some really awesome software. The side-products of this endeavor include two powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use Python modules that interact with the Nessus and Metasploit RPC daemons, as well as three Metasploit transforms to aid in the exploitation and post-exploitation phases of a penetration test. All this at the low and affordable cost of FREE."

Transoforms are not yet available for the public, but if you want to beta test it you can sign up for beta testing on Canari formus:


Here is a short video about MaltegoSploit:


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