[Tools] MaltegoSploit - Metasploit Transforms For Maltego

Canari framework team presented a very interesting new tool for Maltego called MaltegoSploit. MaltegoSploit is a set of metasploit penetration testing transforms for maltego. Here is what they say about MaltegoSploit:

"Alas, a new dawn has broken and Sploitego is now armed with fangs...


[Bits And Pieces] Ubuntu terminal notification

How many times you had to check your terminal to see if a current job is done? Or multiple terminals? This sometimes can be a time consuming or you can just forget you have been doing something and then you must start the process all over again. Well one solution can be using NotifyOSD to get a notification when a job in terminal has completed. I found this old blog post by 

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