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I'm a poor blogger, I know. It's been several months since last blog update and there is no excuse for it. Almost no excuse. I've been working on a big project for Hackers For Charity developing a web application for HFC volunteer project . Last summer was hectic because I needed to create a functional web application in very short time, so Johnny Long can present it at DerbyCon (see video below). After that it was all about fixing and updating the site which is an ongoing project currently. Here is what's HFC's volunteer project all about:

"The Hackers for Charity Volunteer Network started as a simple question between Johnny Long and Marcus Carey: "With all the infosec companies and pros in the business, why are so many charities getting hacked?"

The answer to that question seemed to be relatively simple. Most non-profits could not afford to hire decent technology firms. Johnny founded Hackers For Charity to leverage the skills of technologists and help solve technology challenges for various non-profits. Johnny and his family work on the ground in Uganda, East Africa. As HFC grew, more and more volunteers would approach with the same question: "How can I help?" Johnny's answer was usually the same: "Send us equipment or money, or come to Uganda"

Unfortunately, this answer stranded thousands of incredibly talented volunteers that (despite being willing to give money) wanted to use their skills but were unable to fly to Uganda. Marcus had discovered a pressing need: small non-profits all over the world were in need of various services they could not afford. Johnny had discovered an army of volunteers that were not only capable of addressing the need but were begging to be put in the game. But it isn't as simple as gluing the two together. Or is it?

The HFC Volunteer Network is an attempt to address this need. Charities can use this site to express need, donors can list equipment they are willing to donate and volunteers can sign up and get connected to charity's needs and equipment that might help to fulfill those needs.

The first revision of this site will primarily address simpler types of charity needs from web site development to design to hardware repair and any other technology-based needs.

As the site matures, we will eventually offer security services to charities as well; volunteers with these skills are encouraged to sign up. However, since security services require a higher degree of trust, these needs will be addressed differently."

If you are a charity, or want to help out please register.

 Alongside HFC volunteer project I have been developing an easy-to-use friendly CMS for Google App Engine, which is now at version 1. Also a few more small projects are under way with @304geek which should see the light of the day in next month or so. I will try to keep this blog updated with all the projects/tools/code from now on.

Johnny Long The Evolution Of HFC video:


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