[tools] XSS ChEF - Chrome Extension Exploitation Framework

Another interesting tool was drawn to my attention yesterday - Chrome Extension Exploitation Framework or XSS ChEF, which exploits XSS vulnerabilities in Chrome extensions...


[tools] Simple Phishing Toolkit

Today I came across to a new tool which seems to be interesting - SP Toolkit (Simple Phishing Toolkit). Since phishing is one of the biggest problem in IT security it seems logical to build a toolkit to test people/customers/organizations for phising emails. Combined with some other tools, e.g. metasploit, this could be a very useful tool when performing a pentest...


[Bits and pieces] Custom python shell

Today we will have some fun with python and try to create a "framework" using python shell. We will make a custom python shell with the ability of loading modules. You all probably know how python shell looks like, but here it is:


New site

Welcome to our new website. If you are looking for NodeZero Linux you can find it at it's new home: will now be my private blog/portfolio web site where I will write about security, coding, linux and present some projects I'm working on. There will be also some code you will be able to download or buy (yes, I do some commercial stuff also), like applications, web apps etc...

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